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Have you ever seen one of those tourist signs showing the way to far-distant places around the world? I found it curious that they almost always point at the horizon rather than at the ground.

While a beeline already describes a straight line connecting two places, I imagine a bee would have to follow the curvature of the Earth and therefore, technically, take a detour if the two places are sufficiently far apart. A mole, on the other hand, can dig its way through the ground – although, in reality, of course not as deep as would be required. Plus there are bees that can dig, too.

  • Tell the app the place you're looking for. Using the indicators on the screen, turn your phone until it points in the calculated direction.
  • Move your phone around. Imagine a tunnel straight through the earth in the direction that your phone is currently pointing. A map shows you the place that lies at the end of this tunnel. (If you point straight down, you can check your antipode!)
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